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Meet the Designer Boys Creative Duo...

Gavin & Warren

Gavin Atkins & Warren Sonin are the charming & well-known design duo behind Designer Boys. They became household names in Australia after they appeared on the 1st series of the top-rating TV show 'The Block'.

After almost a decade as high profile interior designers, Gavin & Warren followed their creative talents to give rise to a highly sought after designer art business, built on originality of design and exceptional service.

Gavin & Warren work with interior designers, architects, decorators, hotels & specialty retail stores. Their artworks now appear in a string of residential projects & hospitality refurbishments.

"We truly believe in the power of our designer art as the perfect finishing touch for your interiors"

This year, Gavin & Warren have expanded their collaborations with many new & talented artists from across the globe to create one of the largest collections of decorative artworks in the industry.

Their core strength continues to be their originality of design and their incredible passion to offer artworks in a myriad of rich colours, exquisite textures and intriguing finishes. 

Designers Boys are also particularly proud that every piece of their art is not mass-produced and is beautifully hand-framed in their Australian studio. Every piece is made with heart. 


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